7 Things You Should Know About Probiotics

7 Things You Should Know About Probiotics

If you thought that microorganisms live only on the outer body, you must know that they also survive inside. Many of them are good bacteria benefitting your system. Probiotics are such good live bacteria that keep your intestines healthy, aid digestion, boost immunity and reduce bodily infections. However, let us tell you more interesting things about them.

  1. Variety: While the most commonly known probiotics include Lactobacillus Acidophilus, BifidobacteriumInfantis and Saccharomyces Boulardii, there are many other types of these good bacteria that all have a niche and function.
  2. Fighting bad bacteria: These microorganisms ensure a healthy gut, as they fight bad bacteria. In fact, the more of these gut bacteria you carry, the healthier will be your gut. By regularly consuming a probiotic milk drink, you can get billions of them daily.
  3. Supplements: Although many natural and fermented foods offer a good number of these microorganisms, you can add to that by taking some supplements. For instance, you may avail probiotic drink benefits.
  4. Safe to consume: Consuming supplements comes with almost no side effects, except a few people facing bloating on empty-stomach consumption.
  5. Ensuring vaginal health: Lactobacillus bacteria colonizing in the vagina keep a healthy pH and vaginal microbiome. This prevents urinary tract and yeast infections in women.
  6. Good for pregnant women: The good bacteria are passed on from mothers to babies during the birth. While many supplements for good bacteria are safe for pregnant women, these are also good for children to reduce allergies.
  7. Antibiotics kill probiotics: As good bacteria add to the entire body’s health, it is important to save them against bad bacteria. However, antibiotics do the opposite. It is critical not to take a probiotic milk drink or supplement while you are on a dose of antibiotics.

Whether you consume fermented foods or avail the probiotic drink benefits, these good bacteria will support your immunity and keep you away from several diseases and health conditions.

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